Redefining the images of reality.

African Studios became a benefit corporation to ensure that film and television programs have a positive impact on in areas of health, economics, civic engagement, and identity.

African Studios produces original content and provides a boutique approach to the production services offer to clients. African Studios decades of experience includes film, television, streamed events, video games and podcasts.

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    A few things we’re great at

    African Studios provides our clients with a diverse range of productions services. Our two decades of experience includes film, television, streamed events, video games and podcasts.


    Amazing storytelling has been the cornerstone of our business success.


    We specialize in obtaining advancements  technology that supports art and business.


    African Studios excels at uniting form and function whether it is pixels, paint or lights.


    Consider us experts in producing films, television, plays and live streaming events.


    Our distribution network includes all the big names and a few new raising stars.


    Facebook, Instagram, Twitch, Live Stream or your own website, we have the solution.


    Remote, Online and Socially Distanced

    Content makers and events producers have entered in a new ecology. African Studios leads the way for the continuation of high quality live streaming shows, podcasts and events. 

    Contact us if you wish to create memorable streaming or recorded content to be delivered via live, on social media or streaming platforms.


    Environmentally Conscious Entertainment

    Divest from the greedy bank will be the first release from African Studios newly formed video game division. AS Games focus games that are story driven, fun to play and add to the quality of life of those who enjoy them. 

    Divest From The Greedy Bank is scheduled to be released in 3rd quarter of 2020. The first level of Divest From The Greedy Bank is available for you to play. We love to hear your feedback.


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